P.O. Box 8208, 3301 CE Dordrecht
Toermalijnring 1000, 3316 LC Dordrecht
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)78-6732633
E info@ics-spiralfreezers.nl

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About us

ICS Spiral Freezers is a reliable and competent partner for the international food industry with focus on the European bakery industry. The ICS Spiral Freezers team has more than 30 years’ experience in
spiral proofing, -cooling and -freezing applications.

With our own design, manufacturing and pre-assembly factory at our headquarters in Dordrecht, the Netherlands - together with various specialized sub-contractors - we guarantee attractively priced high-end quality equipment which has proven to be extremely reliable. The ICS Spiral Freezers team has a wide knowledge about spiral proofing, -cooling and -freezing applications to apply on your projects and provide you with solutions which gives you the opportunity to produce the best products.